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January 2016 Qlife Success Story Cactus Shadows Varsity Cheer Team


How sweet is it when things seem to fall into place at just the right time!  

I was asked to come in and talk to the Cactus Shadows Varsity Cheer team 3 days before the State Championship. This team had won 8 State Titles. And last year when they fell short of the title.......that is when the fear, the doubt and the pressure began to set in. They hadn't hit a full routine all year, not in practice or in any competition to date.  Coach Chandler told me they were struggling and was hoping maybe something I would say might click with them. So at 6am Wednesday morning, we sat in the cheer room for an hour and 20 min simply talking.  I did my normal introduction and then just let the girls talk. I could feel their anxiety... They just wanted to do well, to hit just ONE routine, they didn't want to dissappoint their coaches, their school, their teammates. They felt the pressure..... they were teased by other schoolmates as to wether or not they would ever win again and assumed the coaches were being doubted just the same by parents, boosters and administrators, as well.  So all the confidence they had from all the successful years past, seemed to have been washed away.  I asked them all if they truly BELIEVED they could hit a perfect routine..... they said YES..... but didn't know why it wouldn't happen. They wanted it sooo bad!!!  With 12 seniors on the team.....this was their last time to experience that championship feeling!  After we talked more, I simply said, "This is all in your MINDS! You guys need to forget about the past and quit worrying about the future. You all know you are physically capable, so just focus on the NOW! Today! So what can we do today to get to tomorrow? What one goal will get you to your Championship?"  the answer" Just HIT one routine a day." So we set that goal, and I wished them all the best and left.  Later that afternoon, I get a text from Coach Chandler saying "OMG! the girls just HIT on their first routine of the day!" And they were so excited and in a totally different mindset!  This gave me chills, so much so, that i raced to the gym to congratulate them! The look on their faces was pricless, they were so happy and motivated that they got their goal accomplished! Not only did they do it on Wednesday, but Thursday and then again on Friday, they hadn't done it once all year.....WOW! I was so excited for these girls! And for the weekend to come! Check out my success story video to see how the events of weekend played out!!  

All I can say is WIN or Lose, these girls lived in the moment and gave it all they had!!! So PROUD!!!

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