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When was the Last Time....

When was the last time you did something for the first time???

These were the words said to us right before Josh and I started the Tough Mudder this weekend! What a great experience!! Surrounded by people that motivate you from  the moment you walk through the entrance....they get you checked in, warmed up and then right before the race began, this awesome guy gave us a little pep talk about how the race signifies all the trials and tribulations in life, the ups and downs, pains and pleasures and how much greater it is when we do overcome them and most importantly we do it with the help of each other.  Almost every obstacle required the help from someone else! I ran up a 12 foot  half pipe wall ( Mount Everest ) and I was told to just keep running and don't stop someone will grab your about trust! But it actually wasn't nearly as daunting to do as it looked, but you have to totally trust and believe someone will catch you, or you are sliding all the way back down to the bottom. At one point, there was a woman in front of me on this human ladder that we had to climb up and I was pushing her from behind, she was a larger woman probably in her 60's and she was about to give up and roll off and slide all the way down, she was so close to the top! I pushed her from behind while my feet were planted in some guys shoulders to climb up and other people at the top were trying to grab her hands to pull her up, We were all screaming "don't give up, you've got this!" and when she finally made it to the top, the elation on her face was priceless, she did it!!! Something that even left me looking back at all the people laying down that we climbed over to get to the top of this ramp and I was thinking" how in the heck did we just do that?" That was CRAZY!! But so rewarding! That feeling of accomplishment just motivates you for the next crazy thing and the more you accomplish, the more confidence you build and suddenly you truly start to think anything is possible!!

And considering, I help my athletes and clients realize this each and every day, the fear still resides in us all. I'm not gonna lie, I was not sure how this race was going to go... with all my food restrictions and energy level, the fact that i had only run 3 miles once prior to the race, I'm getting older, how can I keep up with my son? All these things ran through my head, but I committed and paid and just had to do it!

The first 2 miles were not easy as Josh was dancing circles around me, i felt like I was slowing him down  ( which I was) but he just kept encouraging me to keep up and then as I conquered each obstacle, it was like the confidence and energy, just started building and by the end, while many were walking, we were running, all full of mud and grit and laughing so pumped! I felt invincible!  And that is why I keep thinking about those words "When was the last time you did something for the first time?" We must get out of our own little cocoons and comfort zones and do something new and different and exciting and challenging!! Maybe try an exercise class, a cooking class, learn to speak a foreign language, call an old friend you haven't seen in a long time.  Just do something out of the ordinary! Let it stimulate you and bring you joy from the accomplishment! And from there slowly your attitude and outlook and mindset begins to shift in a positive direction and life becomes so much brighter! And while there will still be pitfalls and bumps and bruises along the way ( like I have on my elbow ) the difference is, you won't care because it was so worth it! 

So, now I ask you....When was the last time you did something for the first time??? Go out and do it now!! Today, this week, this month!  The goal is one new thing a week! Ready...set....Gooo!

Find your your Q!

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