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Sometimes we just need to embrace PLAN B! son and I set out for a Day trip to head to Fossil Creek to do some hiking and cliff jumping. Left at 6:30am to get an early start and beat the crowds....well, by the time we made our way thru an accident site and detour that sent us 2 hours out of the way and then drove 5 miles off road only to get there and be told it was closed due to capacity! We were so bummed... 11am and our day trip went from super exciting to huge disappointment....the ranger told us we could go to Beaver Creek about a half hour away... She said it was a 6 mile hike along a creek and it was very pretty, so we decided to go with Plan B to not entirely waste the drive or the trip.  Josh was bummed because he was so looking forward to Cliff jumping.  We park and hit the trail and hike a mile and finally get to some water......

It was really clear and people were swimming and playing on a rope swing, and the sound of the rushing water was so soothing and peaceful.......BUT it just wasn't was Josh had in mind for the day, he was so disappointed yet trying to make the best of it!  We kept going thinking maybe it would get better, maybe at least we would find a cool waterfall or something and we entered a field and came across this.....

A fork in the path.....we went left and just kept going.... the farther we went, the farther away from the water we got.... it was a beautiful trail, with great hiking scenery, but just not what we had in mind.  We were at a point where we could no longer hear the water and there were no more side paths that would lead down to the water like before....we were hot, tired and frustrated because we had no idea where the path would lead. We were ready to just turn around and head home when we came upon these 2 guys and one was carrying a cooler. i said "is there more water up ahead, he said" water?  you bet... we are headed to do a little cliff jumping actually....just follow us!"  Josh's eyes lit up and we spent the next 2.5 miles hiking and chatting with these guys about all kinds of outdoor adventures that we had all been on....It was right up Josh's alley! and then we arrived....not quite as peaceful and desolate as we had experienced on the way, but clearly...this was where all the action and excitement was!

So many people just enjoying the great outdoors....It was so cool and Josh was one happy camper, i mean.... Hiker, I mean.... Cliff Jumper

We so enjoyed our time there.  and Yes! I jumped too! We stayed for a couple of hours and I even got to hike down and find a little of my own Q at some beautiful little waterfalls.

What a great day and beautiful lesson of simply embracing whatever adventure you happen to be on in life because you never know where that fork in the path might take just ENJOY it and take it as it comes....because all you had ever hoped for might just be a left in the fork and 2 miles away:)

Love my son and our adventures together......

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