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The Power of Positive Thinking!

Wow! as I reflect back on February there were so many great moments to be thankful for!  I am so blessed and grateful to be living my true essense!! There is nothing better than working with my clients and helping them achieve success....and I truly love when things happen at the most oportune times to really make them understand how powerful our minds, our energy and the universe can be.... some people call it Karma, I call them GOD moments, and some simply shake their heads and have no idea why they happen....but I do!  I believe with all my heart that when you put things out into the world, and you focus on them, take the time to think about, pray about, write about and prepare what you want in your life, it can come back to you tenfold and you can live your life for a purpose!

So my February success story includes little glimpses of how a few of my clients had the POWER OF POSITIVE THINKING ( not Drinking, like the new country song ) come to fruition for them this month! 

Let's start with my first client... I will call him Bob.  Bob has been an accountability client of mine since last December, he has lost 25 pounds to date. Each week, we have our weekly call and review his goals for the week and the items that he would like me to help keep him accountable for.  While our main focus has been on his health and weight loss, and he is doing AWESOME on that end!  Bob shared with me that he was not happy and was stressed at his job, and as we know, stress is a great contributor to our health and even the ability to lose weight. So one day during a session, we were talking about his dissatisfaction with his job and so I told him to really start thinking about what his perfect job would look like, I told him to write it down.  Like truly, the ultimate job he could ask for, one that would make him happy and challenge him and be flexible for his family life and..... A couple weeks ago on our call, I asked him how his week was and he said" you're never going to believe this, well... actually you are but...on Friday, I was called by a recruiter and I met with her and she proposed a job to me, not just any job, but the exact job I had been thinking about since you gave me that assignment! Small company, flexible hours, increase in pay, bonuses, and i would wear many hats and be an intregal part of the operation. It was crazy and it felt so good not to stumble in my meeting with her because I was already prepared and knew exactly what i wanted!" I was so excited for him, not only beacuse of what happened, but because of what it showed him and I could hear the hope and positive shift in his voice as he told me the story! Now, things might not have panned out for that particular job, but I believe there is something greater and even better coming  and I am so excited to see how this next chapter might unfold for him!!!  i just love moments like that!!! Oh it gets better.... next up are my BLISS girls

This is the All Girls Level 5  Worlds team that I work with on a weekly basis...each year in order to participate in the World's competition you have to get a BID and be invited to come compete. This typically requires you to win a competition. Well....they hadn't done so yet and were starting to get anxious and worried, so during our Monday Motivation we talked about the worry and the anxiety that can come with this type of pressure and how it can cause everyone to be on edge, start to blame each other, feel isolated and not work together, so we had a very deep and heart releasing hour and a half session and got everything out.... by sharing themselves and being vulnerable they suddenly went from dissconnected and blaming to bonding even closer and wanting to support and lift each other up.  Well, that next week, their practice was great, they were Hitting their routine, their minsets totally shifted, and that weekend in Palm Springs....... they did amazing and walked away with a BID to Worlds!!

Yep.... they did it!!! The Power I tell ya..... love having these girls in my life!

ANd my final Power of Positive thinking story comes from my brand new client Dillon.

This is him along with his mom and sister. Pretty handsome don't you think? Dillon's Mom and I have been life long friends, even from across the country. They now live in Boise, Idaho.  Last month she came to visit, and I was filling her in on my new business and about all the great athletes and clients I work with and what I do....and all of the sudden, she said" you need to work with Dillon!"

Dillon is 21, played 2 years of college football, just moved out into his own apartment, will be going back to college in the fall and kind of trying to come in to his own. Figure out what he wants to do? where he wants to be? and like every college student, how can he begin to have some organization and a plan for his life?  So....our first session we talked about his goals, dreams and aspirations, and  we made a list of his top 4 priorities. The first one was to move out, which he had just done 2 weeks prior, and was feeling pretty good about his new found freedom and not living at home anymore. The second goal he had was the desire to want to advance in his job from food runner to server.  He wanted to work more and make more money in order to afford his new independent lifestyle.  So we talked about what he could do to get that ball rolling. We talked about how he could approach his new GM, schedule an appointment and introduce himself and express his interest in being promoted to server, he could ask questions about what he needed to do to become a server etc. In essence, we roll played.  The very next day, Dillon was going to go in and try and talk to his boss about all we discussed. Later in the week, when I checked on him, he shared with me that he wasn't there when he went in to talk to him.  So we agreed at least he was prepared for the next time. Then on Saturday night, while I was out with my boy friend, I got a text that simply said...." I just got promoted to server tonight, haha:)".  I had told Dillon, that the more you put things out there and write them down, the more likely it is to happen:)  and while it doesn't always happen that fast or necessarily the first time you write something down or wish it to fruision, in this case it happened that week!!!  And he didn't even get the chance to talk to his boss first ...It just happened and left Dillon shaking his head and super excited! So now he can check that item off his goals list and we can move on to the next one.....! Pretty amazing isn't it? And all these things took place in February! And while they happen to me often, I love seeing other people experience it even more!  How can you use the POWER of POSITIVE thinking in your life this month? What do you want to achieve??? It all starts with a dream, a thought, a wish.....oh the endless possibilities....if you just believe!


find your your Q....

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