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Tuesday Teen Tribute

Meet Emilee Clark.....15 year old high school sophmore,  she's a daughter, sister, friend, flexibilty officianato, competative cheerleader, track star and now.... fitness competitor! I have been watching this young athlete blossom since the day her mom talked me into having MY daughter try cheer.  And if any of you know know, cheer as I knew it, was never a part of my vocabulary.  I was a jock, softball player and NOT a cheerleader! But after a year of Ash doing gymnastics at the same gym and me driving her to dance 2 more days a week.  As much as i was unsure, I saw this as an opportunity to condense my carpooling of dual activities into one....little did I know 6 years ago, this would become my daughters reason to LIVE....literally her passion in life.... Anyways, sorry....  

back to my story :) So ash tries cheer....loves it.... meets Emilee and her love of the sport is born... But Emilee's love of Cheer came years earlier!

Em started cheering at the age of 5.  Here's a pic of Ash and Em a few years back....they started together in 2009.

And... this is where I have had the opportunity to watch Emilee grow  and develop as an athlete over the last half a decade.  I have watched her go from being the young girl who would vomit in her Uniform as she performed because of her anxiety to the fierce competitor that she is today. The things she has done and accomplished over the years astounds me.... From overcoming her severe anxiety of flying back in the day, to diligently caring for her body and spine with scoliosis, to becoming a cheerlebrity with over 30K followers on Instagram (yes, there is such a thing), to teaching others how to become more flexible by hosting her own classes. to competing in the State track meet this year and now.... just completed her first fitness competition, competing in 3 categories! Did i mention she is only 15!!

When this girl sets a goal, she not only does it, but she crushes it, and does so with so much grace and poise! She is humble... she embraces and learns from every situation she encounters both good and bad!  And She is probably the most kind and positive athlete I know always encouraging those around her!  The disipline it takes to be a world class Athelete on Desert Storm Elite, the world level 5 coed team Rage, is amazing in itself, but then to still be conquering other dreams and desires as well, is beyond remarkable!  And no matter what your opinion is about the Fitness Competion body building world (that's my next Blog subject) set a goal of being the youngest competitor on stage and having the disipline to balance it all and actually do it, again is simply amazing to me....

I am so proud of this young athlete and it says so much about her character and her drive for success that no matter what she does in life....she is sure to make a difference!  It has been a pleasure to watch Emilee grow and I can't wait to see what's in store for her next....This story is a true testiment of "if you can dream it, you can do it"... anything is possible in life! I teach my clients and athletes all about really defining who they are and what their passions are in life so they can live to their truest potential. Well....There is no need with this young lady as she already has it all figured out and is LIVING HER Q daily!! Thanks Emilee for being such an inspiring athlete and young woman to so many!!! LOVE YOU!

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