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Jennifer is an elite performance and mental mindset coach. She is an expert when it comes to helping over 10,000 clients, athletes, coaches and teams alike achieve their true potential. A published author and international speaker, Jen understands that there’s more to athletic performance than simply being STRONG - scientific research reveals wellness and peak performance are indeed, largely mental endeavours. By learning how to transform your mindset through her teachings, you will be able to unlock your true potential.

Her impressive résumé includes a degree in Sports Medicine, Consultant, Speaker, Author, NBA Figure Fitness Pro and NASM Personal Trainer.




Exceed Expectations


Always surround yourself with those greater and bigger than yourself


Learn from every situation - be objective


Success is not forever, failure is not fatal


When you create a culture, everyone stays


Imagine. Dream. Believe. Create.



Jen is available for interviews, expert opinions and to be a contributor for publications

on several topics.

She is a public speaker and is available for specific sports performance sessions,

lunch and learns, corporate lectures, and industry sessions.

She has also spoken, written and contributed to the following renown organizations

and publications. 


Jen was one of the clever minds behind the Marketing Money Mindset radio podcast interviewing successful entrepreneurs and allowing them to share their inspiring stories... 



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