One on One coaching to assist you in reaching your goals and strive to be the best version of yourself when it comes to health, wellness and life. These accountability sessions are "Q check-ins" that assist in helping  you reach your fitness, wellness and life goals. In todays world of careers, kids, carpools, and the chaotic busyiness of  life in general, so often we neglect ourselves for the sake of everyone else. I will assist you with the tools you need to stay focused, get organized, live with intention and purpose and stay on track and heading in the direction of your desires. Our conference call/skype time together forces you to take time out and devote it to your own personal well being. And when you take time and care of yourself, a whole new world of positive change can take place not only for you, but those around you!


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Parent Testimonial:

I would like to take a moment and truly express my gratitude to Jen Graffice, owner and life coach at Qlife. Two of my sons have had blocks/obstacles keeping them from achieving their true potential. These blocks didn't just apply to sports but school, work, confidence and just life.  She has met with both of them independently and the outcome has been phenomenal,  they are setting goals, motivated for the future and inspired.  I will keep having her meet with them and am considering meeting with her myself. I would reccommend her to anyone who wants to achieve better results in their lives!!! Truthfully and honestly a very Grateful Mom!!!